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Birthday: 16th August
Fan Mail: Bungalow No. 5, Belscot Tower, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri Link Road, Mumbai-58 .
Hieght: 5"8 .


Turn ons
Ajanta-Ellora sculptures as well as humility in people who are successful.

Turn offs
Pretentious people trapped by the transient things of life.

Car in school
My dad had a Jaguar but I had to use the Ambassador

Car now
My Land Cruiser is my favourite. I also have a Cielo.

Favourite TV show
The X-Files and Vir Sanghviís A Question Of Answers

On what occasions do you lie
I donít even when I know the truth is bound to make life uncomfortable.

Memorable moments
Minutes ago, my daughter went all cross-eyed in the middle of a lecture her mother was giving her. She looked cute and hilarious.

Philosophy of life
No one gets out of this alive.

On a blind date youíd go out with
Any Playboy centrespread in the last 75 years. Ideally, Raquel Welch or Ursula Andress.

Secret ambition
Though itís not so secret, not many are aware that I yearn to be a successful movie star.

If you were a burglar youíd steal
The safe deposite lockers in Mumbai banks. Thatís where people hide their undeclared weatlh, donít they?

Youíd like to be reborn as
I have no illusions. I know this is it. I donít believe in reincarnation. Iím happy with my lot, Iím not trying to get anywhere.

I have a sensitive skin. and thereís something that sets me sneezing. I still have to figure out what it is.

Favourite drink
Iíve been brainwashed by TV. Itís only Coca Cola for me.

Terrified of
Premature aging, paralysis, death...losing my family...being poor and unhappy. Actually I make a brave attempt not to be afraid because fear intensifies when you try to drive it away. If you accept it, it dissolves.

Recurring dream
I have to sleep to dream, no? I find it very difficult to fall asleep. But once Iím off, Iím like Kumbhakarna. Nothing can wake me up.

Favourite book
Ay Randís The Fountainhead. Itís the only book Iíve read more than twice.

Vegetable you resemble most

One role youíd give your eye and teeth for
Iíd do that only if I was desperate to play a blind, toothless man. No thanks, Iíd like to play a variety of roles for which I have to be physcially compatible. Iím working on that.

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