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Birthday: 21 December
Fan Mail: 105, Jal Darshan, `A' Wing, Rula Park Juhu, Mumbai-49.
Charge: 10 million ($ 238,000).
Hieght: 5"8 .


Turn ons
Nepali beauty. Dont get me wrong. Im talking about my wife.

Turn offs
Lies and hypocrisy.

Car in school
Be-car. There wasnt one even in the distant horizon.

Car now
A Mercedes Benz, an Esteem and a Zen.

Favourite TV show
Hum Paanch.

On what occasions do you lie
When what I say will prevent the innocent from being victimised.

Memorable moments
The day I bought my mother a saree from my first pay-packet, the day I bought her a flat and the day she predicted that Id be a star within a year.

Philosophy of life
Worship your mother and respect your father and guru.

On a blind date youd go out with
All my heroines.

Secret ambition
Ha! You think Im going to tell you? Secrets are a secret.

If you were a burglar youd steal
Peoples hearts.

Youd like to be reborn as
Son of the same mother in the same country.


Favourite drink
Cows milk.

Terrified of
The thought that God might forsake me some day.

Recurring dream
Far too many to remember.

Favourite book
Hanuman Chalisa which I read every day.

Vegetable you resemble most
Laungi mirchi.

One role youd give your eye and teeth for
No role can be worth that much. Who would want to see a blind and toothless Govinda?

Bollywood Galaxy!

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