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Birthday: 25th June
Fan Mail: 2B, Excellency, 1101, 1201, 4th Cross Road, Lokandhwala Complex, Mumbai-58.
Charges:12.5 million ($297)
Hieght: 5"7 .


Turn ons
My Wife Sunita.

Turn offs
Women who were kilos of make -up.

Car in school

Car now
Mitsubishi Lancer

Favourite TV show
Friends & CNN news.

On what occasions do you lie
Lie? Who me?

Memorable moments
My wedding day...... the release of Woh Saat Din

Philosophy of life
Chill out,defrost, take it easy.

On a blind date youd go out with
Gwyneth Paltrow

Secret ambition
To make a flim like Schindlers List.

If you were a burglar youd steal
The scripts & lyrics of Javed Akhtar.

Youd like to be reborn as
Boney kapoor.


Favourite drink

Terrified of
My kids who keep criticising me.

Recurring dream
That I am playing in test cricket.

Favourite book
Any Rand's Fountainhead.

Vegetable you resemble most

One role youd give your eye and teeth for
Jack Nicholson's in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.


Bollywood Galaxy!

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