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Get Paid to Surf The Net
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Welcome! Sign up to be a member. It's free. It's fast (one
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Advertisingbar. The Advertisingbar will be made available
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 early. The Advertisingbar is a small bar (a little taller the
Windows 95/98 Taskbar at the bottom of your
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you are on the Net and the Advertisingbar is active, will pay you Rs. 15 for an hour.
You can get the Advertisingbar off your
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Best Of all it is avaialable in India !!!! The First of its kind in India.
The Advertisingbar - Your Ticket to Cash!
The Advertisingbar is a convenient, communication tool
that fits on your computer screen.  By bringing special
deals and logging your surfing time, the Advertisingbar
allows you to earn money while you use the Internet –
"Get Paid to Surf the Web!"